Fauna, Incorcisms & Spiderseed Bundle

  • Fauna, Incorcisms & Spiderseed Bundle

All three of my short story collections in one handy bundle. Want to go *full Hartley*? This is the deal for you!

Fauna (Fly on the Wall Press) - Longlisted for the Edge Hill Short Story Prize, 2022

Some we love, some we hate, some we eat.

Some can time-travel through a telepathic equine network. Some collaborate in avian theft. Some are trained to build canine cyborgs, while others are nothing but a figment of a bloodthirsty imagination; a fake elephant in a virtual room.

Tales of animals in all the wrong places. Stories that seek the minds of our fellow-feeling beasts. Yarns as old as Dragon herself, and just as angry. Vegan noir.

12 stories, A5 format, cover art to die for.
RRP: £8.99

"Fiercely original, these are stories that are at times disturbing, absurd and darkly comedic, and which refuse to conform to the constraints of time and space. A startling collection, that begs to be read aloud. Hartley is a brilliant storyteller, with the kind of imaginations that leaves you feeling a bit fearful for your own safety."
~ Lucie McKnight Hardy author of 'Water Shall Refuse Them' and 'Dead Relatives'


Incorcisms (Arachne Press)

Strange stories about strange things for strange people. Tales of possession and obsession. Of destruction and restoration. Of the demons we hold inside us, and those we leave behind in others.

An odd apocalypse freezes a supermarket on Mother’s Day, a vanished village holds an ancient curse, an abandoned ice cream van tears a street apart. Rival rainbow setters, the woman who sowed a crop of elephants in her garden, and what happens if you keep on turning the clocks back.

Perhaps you had a demon then lost it. Do you miss it?

Our time here is brief and so are these curious fables. But the smallest of splinters are the hardest to dig out. Come and be snagged. Come, be unsettled. To be strange is to be human.

16 stories, free demon included.
RRP: £8.99

"These sharply-written short stories are a spine-chilling delight: ingenious, unnerving, pitch-dark."
~ Naomi Booth, author of 'Sealed'


Original paperback chapbook published by Sleepy House Press
ISBN 978-1-5262-0109-6

Saboteur Award First Runner-Up for Best Short Story Collection 2016

Twenty quick-snap tales of our twisted world, our fearful hopes, our haunted lives and our strange dreams. From time-travelling libraries to haunted bathtubs, via a barricaded Jenga tower and a crime scene for insects, these bothersome stories spin a web across your brain and wait for your mind to be caught and devoured.

Each story is gorgeously illustrated by Emmy Ingle and the collection itself has been lovingly produced by Sleepy House Press. The tales within its pages collect together the very best flash fictions of a prodigious new storytelling talent.

Limited edition print copies - catch one now before they all scuttle away...

Saboteur Award Voter Comments:

"A brilliant, haunting and surprising collection, beautifully illustrated."

"Dark, twisted, surreal, bleakly comic: and yet Hartley's stories always hold tight to a kernal of truth about what it means to be human..."

"Honestly, its one of the best short story collections I have read."

"Excellent and genuinely imaginative writing with gorgeous illustrations."