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The David Hartley Rarities Bundle

  • The David Hartley Rarities Bundle

A bundle of all my printed works featuring:

- 'Threshold' (Gumbo Press): my first collection of flash fiction, featuring stories of aliens, ghosts, and strange goings-on in a news studio. Super rare: only 3 copies left in the whole wide world!

- Tether (in collaboration with Rickerly): an original alternate history sci-fi story set to music composed by Rickerly. Tells the tale of the second Cosmonaut, Sergei Letnyn, who was left to dangle, forever, at the fringes of the atmosphere. Also very rare: only 3 CDs left

- God Rest Ye & Merry Gentlemen: dark Christmas stories for dark people. Tales of the weird and unsettling side of this most schmalzy time of year. Getting ever rarer: only 11 copies left of each

- Spiderseed (Sleepy House Press): my nearly-Saboteur Award winning collection of illustrated flash fiction, featuring the incredible penmanship of Emmy Ingle. Features tales of a insect crime scene, a haunted bath tub, water from the deepest depths, and a time-travelling library. Plenty of copies left, but they're itching to wriggle away.

All this for just six quid and two quid p&p. The last chance to grab my rarest of jewels.